Gold Wake Press



gold_wake_logoGold Wake Press is an independent literary house founded in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts in 2008 by Jared Michael Wahlgren, who ran the press until 2014, when two of the authors he’d published, Nick Courtright and Kyle McCord, took the helm. The press seeks to bring voices to the spotlight who combine daring content with meticulous attention to form. Gold Wake Press publishes roughly 4-6 titles per year which are for sale at online vendors & in bookstores.

In 2017 they founded Gold Wake Live, an online extension and journal platform for the press. Managed by Matt MargoGold Wake Live seeks to discover new voices and promote the work of its authors.

Gold Wake Press authors have been featured at the Best American Poetry blog, Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, Harriet: the blog of the Poetry Foundation, & many popular literary websites such as The Rumpus and HTML Giant. Gold Wake Press titles are taught in university-level creative writing and literature classes, and books can be ordered in bulk through Ingram Book Group, Small Press Distribution, or via contacting the press itself.

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